How To Think Like A Seller In A Slow Market

In a slow market, a seller must think about the most attractive options a buyer is seeking when the market is slow, and maybe the economy is not at it’s best. If you can put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, you may be able to understand what factors will affect the role of a seller, and the options of a buyer.

A seller must be flexible, and understand that there has to be room made for negotiation on the selling price. This is usually to be expected…especially when buyers know the market is slow, and some homeowners are desperate to sell homes, before they are foreclosed or have to go bankrupt. Whatever reason it may be, the selling mentality must be flexible, and the house must be priced accordingly.

If the house you are selling has sentimental value, it must be immediately set aside…or it may be best to let someone other than yourself sell the home. This can hinder a seller from being realistic, and not very negotiable. As a seller you are competing with a variety of options buyers are being offered, such as FSBO, vacant houses, and fixer uppers that owners are not in the position to fix in order to sell. Some buyers may consider getting a better deal for a fixer upper, because they may be in a position to invest in remodeling a home that has potential, and more property value for their money. The competition is always against the seller, unless the price and property is to hard to pass up!

In today’s market. Leasing to own has become a very attractive option for buyers. This may be something to consider if you are having problems selling your home. Hiring a Realestate agent with the knowledge of selling, may also be another option that best fits your needs. Investors are always willing to jump at a reasonable priced piece of property…though they are pretty fast at asking for discounts on account that they need to invest in repairs. Offer an open house on a Saturday or Sunday, when buyers have the most time to look, and drive around. Try doing this on several weekends, and see what you learn about buyers, and the questions they ask when browsing through the house. Many buyers offer their own ideas, and advise. While you may get a lot of curious people just looking, you never know what word of mouth can do. Families tell other family members, and you never know who is in the market to buy. Neighbors might not be aware that you want to sell your house, and they may have friends or family that may be interested in your property. Place an ad on the Internet, you never know what offers you may get.

Weigh your options and alternatives, as you may be money ahead by choosing one of the mentioned alternatives. Ask yourself if you prefer to make the house more attractive by investing money on the property, or do you prefer to give a discount and sell quickly…saving you a lot of headaches, stress, and time. Help your buyer with ideas and options to buying your home…this will lead to a successful sale… and a happy investor!