How To Become A Real Estate Broker

You have dreamed of owning your own business. There are many business’s you may have considered,and you have chosen to become a real estate broker. In order to become a real estate broker there are a number of steps you need to follow. In order to get a real estate license you have to be 18 years old, and need to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker. You will need to take a 75 hour real estate course at an accredited school,and one that is approved by your state department. Upon completing the real estate course you will receive a Certification of Satisfactory Completion signed by the school. You need the certificate to take the exam. You will pay a fee for the exam,and you will be given a date to take the exam. You must correctly answer at least 70% of the questions. Grades will be sent to you, either you pass,or fail. Once you pass the exam you need to take your notification, fill out an application, and submit a fee to your state department, and you will receive your license. You will be required to take 22.5 hours of schooling to hold your license. So now your career begins as a real estate agent. You will have to work for a real estate broker for the next two years, before you can move on to the next step in your career.

Becoming a licensed real estate broker requires more education,and experience than is required to be a real estate agent. You will be required to have at least two years full time experience working for a licensed real estate broker. You will be required to take a 120 hour pre-licensing course approved by the state department of licensing. Once you finish the course you will be required to pass a state, and federal test. You will be required to pay a fee, and fill out an application, and sit for the exam. Once you pass the broker’s license exam you will be sent an application, pay appropriate fee, and get finger printed. Applicants who pass must apply for a broker’s license within two years of passing the state certification exam. Licensing applicants will pay a licensing fee. In order to maintain the broker’s license they must complete 22 hours of continuing education during the first two years of licensing.

Real estate has always been considered a source of security, and wealth. Anyone can get rich in real estate, but they need to be motivated, and dedicated to their goals. You may consider getting your real estate broker license because it will offer you many benefits. A broker’s license has many advantages. Commissions range from 2%-3%,and are a income potential for the broker, especially for high priced properties. Access to multiple listings helps in locating properties quickly, and increasing the possibility of generating additional income. In addition a broker is different from an agent, because the agent has to answer to the broker, since the broker has complete authority over real estate transactions.